The legend

Widely considered the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner of all time,
Renato Laranja is also the sport’s most polarizing figure.

27 Time Mundial Champion

This 27 Time Mundial Champion currently sits atop an exclusive list of all-time greats in BJJ, Vale-Tudo, and Full Contact Capoeira. His legendary rise from the streets of Rio De Janeiro to the very top of the martial arts world has left a multitude of opponents, training partners, and baby mamas in it’s wake. After years of being exploited for his athletic, artistic, and sexual prowess, Renato Laranja is finally taking the opportunity to wet his own beak for a change.

Renato Laranja ensures you, the fan, that all proceeds from official Renato Laranja ™ products go straight to Renato Laranja himself, and not a random company profiting from his unique talents, and striking good looks. he envies those of you laying eyes on this stunningly beautiful site for the first time. It’s an experience you shan’t soon forget. You’re welcome.

When life give you lemons, then you don’t gonna get AIDS.